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B1A4?s Baro May Join The Cast Of ?Angry Mom?

koreaboo -

B1A4’s Baro is in talks to join the cast of upcoming MBC drama, “Angry Mom.” On January 28, the Korean outlet Newsen reported that WM Entertainment spoke with them regarding his potential casting in “Angry Mom.”

According to Newsen, a representative for WM Entertainment acknowledged that the offer had been made to Baro while stating, “His appearance hasn’t been confirmed.” The representative went on to state that WM Entertainment was positively considering the possibility of the offer.

“Angry Mom” will examine the actions of a mother who confronts people at the school where her children are struggling with bullying and violence.

Baro established a following with K-Drama viewers after his sincere portrayal of Binggeure in the 2013 hit tvN drama “Reply 1994.” He was also praised for his appearance in the 2014 drama “God’s Gift-14 Days.” He has not starred in another drama, since the completion of “God’s Gift-14 Days.”

The cast of “Angry Mom” is still with the formative phase but Kim Yoo Jung has been confirmed for the role of Oh Ah Ran. Kim Yoo Jung is a teen actress who has gained notoriety for her film and drama roles which include “Commitment,” “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” and “Secret Door.”

“Angry Mom” will be directed by Choi Byeong Gil. Choi Byeong Gil previously directed “Would You Give Love Away” and “East of Eden.”

The script for “Angry Mom” was selected from a scriptwriting contest which was held by MBC.

The drama is scheduled to air on MBC in the Wednesday-Thursday time slot in March 2015, following the conclusion of “Kill Me, Heal Me.”


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