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This Is What Kim Ji Won Looked Like Before She Got Famous?

koreaboo - Published: October 2nd, 2017 Though she now plays a feisty character on Fight My Way, actress Kim Ji Won first appeared on television at the age of 19 and, boy, has she come a long way.Kim Ji Won actually gained viral popularity during her time as a model and commercial actress when she appeared in a string of ads for OranC. The advertisements were a big hit and Kim Ji Won began receiving a lot of attention for her beauty, gorgeous figure, and dancing skills. Many who saw her even compared her to the esteemed actress Kim Tae Hee! It has been seven years since the ads aired and her true fans never forget her humble beginnin…

Bolbbalgan4 completely forgot the lyrics to their song for a full minute while performing live

koreaboo - Published: October 2nd, 2017 At the recent 2017 Fever Festival, indie duo Bolbbalgan4 had an unfortunate mishap during their performance.While they were performing their song, “Can Hear You”, member Ahn Jiyoung completely forgot the lyrics.She looked back at Jiyoon for help, who tried singing instead of her, but she also forgot the lyrics.For roughly a minute, Bolbbalgan4 couldn’t sing their song, but the crowd continued to cheer them on for encouragement.They remembered the lyrics around the second chorus, and so they went back to giving their best performance.At the end, Jiyoung laughed bashfully and said “thank you” for…

EXO?s D.O. Reveals One Of His Greatest Struggles As An Idol

koreaboo - Published: October 2nd, 2017 EXO recently starred on Park Jin Young’s music talk show Party People and talked about some of their concerns.Being top idols, Park Jin Young asked them what kind of dilemmas or issues they face, to which D.O. explained:“The fact that I can’t walk down the street comfortably while I’m still in my 20’s is really tough.”— EXO’s D.O.His response broke the hearts of many, as they realized something as simple as walking down a street was a luxury to idols.D.O. then continued to say that while it’s tough, EXO is what helps him keep grounded.“There were so many times where I just wanted to give up because of how tiring it was. But I just think of how happy I am to be in EXO, with these guys, and I can continue moving forward.”— EXO’s D.O.…

BTS J-Hope?s Older Sister Is Drop Dead GORGEOUS

koreaboo - Published: October 2nd, 2017 BTS J-Hope and his sister have the best sibling visuals and sense of style!Meet J-Hope’s older sister, Jung Dawon.She’s four years older than J-Hope but still looks youthful as both her and her brother have baby faces.Dawon has her own clothing line that she also models for, called MEJIWOO.As the great younger brother he is, J-Hope helped promote his sister’s clothes before.Like his sister, J-Hope is known for his unique sense of style and his striking modeling poses.These two siblings share the utmost amazing genes! What a beautiful-looking family!