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10+Times BTS V and Jungkook?s Relationship Was Too Cute For Words

koreaboo - The two youngest members of BTS are always known to have each other’s backs and take care of each other, and these few moments remain special in the hearts of ARMY everywhere.1. When they made up this totally cool secret handshake.2. When Jungkook literally carried V on his shoulders during a performance.3. When Jungkook called V in the middle of filming to check up and make sure he got home safely.4. When V was bothering Jungkook so he picked him up and physically moved him away.5. When they accidentally ended up sharing a bunk together during last years Bon Voyage.never forget taekook’s bed scene where they both had the instinct of hugging each other— — 태꾹 (@baeptae) July 31, 20176. When Jungkook put up V’s hair in this legendary ponytail.7. They share elephant moles! 8. The time V felt sick so Jungkook watched over him at the airport (along with Manager Sejin).9. This unforgettable hamburger ad from Rookie King.10. When they just couldn’t let g…

10+ Sexy Shirtless Korean Men To Help You Get Through The Day

koreaboo - Published: October 3rd, 2017 There are some days where you wake up for school or work and don’t know how to get through the day. One look at these shirtless men and you’ll be able to pull through and get your work done.1. Super Junior Siwon2. SHINee Minho3. Nam Joo Hyuk4. EXO Xiumin5. EXO Kai6. BTS Jimin7. BIGBANG Taeyang8. Lee Jong Suk9. 2PM Taecyeon10. BtoB Minhyuk11. Justin Kim12. MONSTA X Wonho13. VIXX Ravi14. SHINee Jonghyun15. BtoB Changsub16. GOT7 Jackson17. TEEN TOP C.A.P.18. iKON Bobby19. Hoya20. VIXX HongbinBONUS: ASTRO JinJin – Because 21 is more fun than 20.

Korean Streamer Almost Dies From Laughter After Hearing This Guy?s Cover Of G-Dragon

koreaboo - Published: October 3rd, 2017 AfreecaTV BJ Yoon Cherry was so surprised by a fan’s cover song that she almost died of laughter.Yoon Cherry’s show consists of viewers calling her and performing covers of their favorite songs.During one particular broadcast, a male fan called in and told her he would be performing G-Dragon’s “Crayon” for her.Even before he started performing, Yoon Cherry knew she was going to be laughing nonstop just from what he said.“Do you like G-Dragon? You will like him after you hear my cover.”– FanAnd almost immediately after the song started, she couldn’t stop laughing and rocked back and forth uncont…

Popular Cosplayer Dies After Drowning In Tragic Photoshoot Accident

koreaboo - Popular Chinese cosplayer Jovie (Yoling) Liu died after drowning while on holiday at Saipan’s Sea Fun Villa.Jovie Liu is famous for cosplaying as video game characters or medieval princesses. She was chosen to go to Saipan as a model for a Japanese-themed photo shoot organized by photography company, Qi Bao.While doing the photo shoot, Jovie fell into the pool but she didn’t know how to swim.She was swept into the deep-end of the pool by a current, and she was trapped underwater for 2-3 minutes.The hotel staff were able to pull her out of the water, but she fell into a coma by the time she reached the hospital.The next day, Jovie Liu was pronounced dead due to a lack of oxygen reaching the brain.The company that organized the photo shoot will be preparing a memorial service for her at the end of the month.Source: Daily Mail

Park Seo Joon Completes First Stop of Fan Meeting Tour in Hong Kong

koreaboo - Park Seo Joon met his fans through an intimate fan meeting in Hong Kong on September 30.Prior to the fan meeting, Park Seo Joon took the time to meet with the media to talk about what he has been up to lately and what his plans are for the future.Park Seo Joon also talked about fellow actor Kang Ha Neul, revealing that they’re good friends but he’s disappointed that they were not able to hang out more before Kang Ha Neul entered the military.During the fan meeting, Park Seo Joon provided a lot of fan service, including back-hugging, cooking noodles for a fan, and performing aegyo.Fans made a support video for Park Seo Joon and, upon watching the video, the actor was so touched that he ended up shedding tears on stage.At the end of the fan meeting, all of the fans who attended were able to receive a two-handed high-five from Park Seo Joon, who genuinely thanked the fans for attending the event and supporting him.