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The idol that was scouted by 7 different entertainment companies

koreaboo - Published: October 4th, 2017 BTS’s Jungkook received love calls from 7 different agencies after he starred on Superstar K.He auditioned for the program in 2011, but his entire audition was edited out completely.Jungkook ultimately failed the audition, but agency recruiters there saw something in him.He ended up being scouted by 7 entertainments, including JYP, FNC, Woollim, Starship, TS, Cube, and Big Hit Entertainment.Despite having been recruited by largely successful agencies, Jungkook chose Big Hit Entertainment.“The fact that he rejected all the agencies that were more successful than us and chose to sign with this company, I think, was God’s will.”— BTS’s SugaOn Shin Yang Man Show, Jungkook explained that his decision was largely because of Rap Monster.“…

6 Idols? Tattoos You Never Realized Were Dedicated To Their Fans

koreaboo - Tattoos are a form of body art that can be used to express oneself, and in many idols’ cases, they use tattoos to express their gratitude towards their fans.Check out these 6 idols who have dedicated their tattoos to their supportive and loving fans!1. Jay ParkJay Park has previously mentioned that all his tattoos have immense personal meaning to him. That’s why he has his fanbase “JWalkerz” tattooed on his back.“To me, tattoos are for expressing what’s important or significant to you in the form of art.”— Jay Park2. Block B’s ZICOBlock B’s fandom is called BBC, and the members of Block B often refer to their fans as “honey bees”. On the right side of ZICO’s torso, he has a tattoo of a honey bee to show his appreciation for his fans.3. JessiJessi’s fandom name is “Jabbie”, which sounds very similar to the Korean word for the swallow bird, “jebi”. Thus, Jessi has a tattoo of a swallow on her arm to remind her of her loving fans every day.4. WINNER’s SeunghoonSeunghoon explai…

5 Horrific Things Male Fans Have Done To Female Idols

koreaboo - 1. TWICE’s Mina threatened to be murdered with a knifeA sasaeng fan from the Korean community, Ilbe, threatened to kill TWICE‘s Mina after her photo “scandal” with GOT7‘s BamBam spread out. The fan posted a picture of a knife being held close to his or her wrist with the title “Mina I’ve got a knife”.“Unless you slap your boyfriend and rip his mouth, I’m going to come kill you”– Ilbe user[★BREAKING] Sasaeng Fan From Ilbe Threatens To Murder TWICE Mina2. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s attempted kidnappingBack in 2011, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was almost dragged off stage by a male fan who was trying to kidnap her right in the middle of a performance.He had intruded the backstage area and finally climbed on stage during “Run Devil Run” and grabbed Taeyeon’s wrist while pulling her away. Luckily, Taeyeon was later able to safely return to the performance.3. Girls’ Generation Yoona stalked to her dormAnother member of Girls’ Generation shared a terrifying story of a stalker fan…

9 Things Trainees MUST Go Through Before They Can Debut

koreaboo - It takes years and years of struggling and determination to finally live the dream of being an idol. Find out the different steps your favorite stars have taken to become what they are now.Step One: Pre-audition trainingIt all starts with training! With so much competition, kids have to be the best of the best to get noticed at an audition. They spend years practicing at academies, and home, honing their craft.If they’re really lucky, they may just end up being scouted for auditions.[★TRENDING] The idol that was scouted by 7 different entertainment companiesStep Two: AuditioningOnce they’re confident enough in their skills, they seek out auditions constantly. Going from company to company, auditioning over and over. It’s not uncommon for kids to participate in 30+ auditions.Step Three: Signing ContractsUpon passing an audition they may be offered a trainee contract of 2~4 years. This isn’t a guarantee of debut; it’s simply a contract to accept an individual into the company…

Female Idol Shares Private Photos From Her Hotel In LA

koreaboo - Wassup’s Nada delighted her Instagram followers with several photos of her from her hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.She wore a simple and cute one piece monokini, and appeared to be having fun with friends by the hotel pool at night.Not only did Nada look sexy with her voluminous figure, but she also showcased her cute and playful side with a bright smile.She appeared to be having an awesome trip, and loving every moment of it!Nada recently released her newest single, “Trippin”.Source: @nastynada

Idol Graduation Photos Show What They Look Like With Zero Edits

koreaboo - PRISTIN’s graduation photos recently surfaced, and people are blown away by how gorgeous they all look.None of the photos have been retouched or Photoshopped, so their true beauty shines through.So far, only five members’ photos have been released, as Kyla and Xiyeon are still in high school, while Sungyeon, Rena, and Yehana’s haven’t been been released yet.1. Kyulkyung2. Nayoung3. Roa4. Eunwoo5. YuhaSource: Dispatch