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23 Times The Second ?E? in SHINee Stood For Extra

koreaboo - koreaboo

SHINee is, without a doubt, one of the most extra groups in K-Pop. They are always trying to do the most, so… here is a humble attempt at remembering some of those moments.

1. Introducing themselves in the most extra way possible at SMTOWN Live

SHINee introducing themselves in the most extra way possible 😂😂😂😂😂cr: 루차 (Roocha)

— ✨ HAPPY TAEMIN DAY ✨ (@minmagic91) July 8, 2017

2. “Walking” down a hallway

shinee’s so happy and extra together what a blessing

— 🌻 (@vousmevoyez) July 15, 2017

3. Attending year-end award show events like kings

This is SHINee at every end of year music or award shows lmfao the shook faces of the other idols have me on the floor

— rev (@jinkistar) July 7, 2017

4. Watching EXO Kai’s VCR during an event and reacting with the most

KSJSJSJS shinee’s reaction to exo’s vcr IM DYING i swear i can hear kibum’s laughter

— #rip (@poutyjongdae) July 7, 2017

5. “The most extra game of Rock, Paper, Scissors” in history

The most iconic game of Rock Paper Scissors in history

— rev (@jinkistar) July 3, 2017

6. This truly full-bodied laugh that deserves it’s own official name

So extra, it hurts. 🤣 #키 #Key #KeyToMyHeart #SHINee

— Harmony (@bumkeykwaifu) June 18, 2017

7. This totally necessary moment during an award show win

shinee being extra ft. jonghyun’s stability despite being out of breath 💘

— Taemichael Jackson (@solochenrise) May 26, 2017

8. Jonghyun just going so hard on this dance he actually falls + Minho’s laugh

jonghyun being extra and minho’s melodramatic laugh combined lmao

— ㅤTAEMIN DAY! ! ! (@uItaems) May 10, 2017

9. Knowing exactly what do to when caught on camera

jongkey being extra in the back then suddenly jonghyun hit his ears lol

— 🦄 (@kookmints) November 15, 2016

10. The only proper reactions to fireworks, really

minho is so extra oh my God

— pia ♡ taem (@lucidminho) July 8, 2017

11. Totally destroying SHAWOLs with their amazing dances (friendly advice: wait for the end)

APPRECIATE. MINHO’S. DANCING. ABILITIES. (and wait until the very end for an extra appreciation)

— flo ♡ (@choimnihos) June 9, 2017

12. Celebrating Seohyun’s concert

170226 jonghyun and minho after seohyun’s concert


— 🌻 (@vousmevoyez) February 26, 2017

13. Crushing the “Macarena” the way only Minho can

minho being extra

— ㅤ (@taesadnss) February 15, 2017

14. Being as melodramatic as humanly possible

I swear I stan one of the most extra idols out there 😂😂 when Kibum started wiping the fake tears I was done 😂😂😂

— 525💎💎💎💎💎 (@maira100491) May 24, 2017

15. When they got spooked at a haunted house and reacted with their whole bodies

Remember when shinee went to the haunted house 😂 taem and ming went to catch a ghost, and kibum scream is an extra 😂

— 525 (@jjongxx_) April 10, 2017

16. Everything about this photo series

17. This unforgettable moment where they were all killing it but then Key came in with The Most

JongYu baby baby baby and Key high note 😍💕 I miss youu#SHINee 💕

— shon (@jinkiisbae) July 30, 2016

18. When they had this melodramatic moment on stage

19. When Jonghyun went hard on showing his manly side and talents

20. When Key aimed to kill during this special stage of “Everybody”

21. When Minho looked ready to jump Key

22. When Onew was extra extra cute while thanking fans

“Thank you very mucheeee”

😂😂😂 Onew is so extra and cute i love him

— 여자여자해 🕺🔥 (@jongcult) August 30, 2016

23. The Greatest Moment In SNL Korea History


— Bart Brooker (@BrookerBart) July 18, 2017


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