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10 Fall Fashion Trends From Korean Idols To Inspire Your Wardrobe This Season

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The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and the air is feeling crisper: fall is finally here!

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Jin is ready for fall, are you?

While you might miss the warm weather and sunshine of summer, there’s no doubt that fall is a great season for fashion. The mild weather is perfect for layering, mixing and matching, and accessorizing to your heart’s content! To give you some style inspiration for the season, here are 10 trends that your favorite Korean idols are rocking this fall.

1. Red

It’s bright, it’s bold, and it’s everywhere: red is the color of the season, and there are plenty of ways you can wear this eye-catching trend. Make a statement like Sehun (left) and Song Ji Hyo (right) with vibrant red pieces, or give off a smooth vibe with darker rogue tones like Kang Daniel (center):

If all-red everything is a little too loud for you, try some subtle red accents to spice up your wardrobe. Red shoes are the perfect way to add a pop to a simple outfit; just take it from Chae Soo Bin and BTS’s Jungkook:

2. Wide-legged pants

There are a lot of reasons to be glad loose pants are on-trend this season: they’re comfortable and easy, and they can be paired with almost anything! Say goodbye to the struggle of wiggling into tight jeans, and slip into a pair of flowing, wide-legged pants this fall.

The boys of VIXX LR, Highlight, and MXM’s Im Young Min all look casually classy in wide-legged pants.

3. Furry accents

If you’re looking for a fun way to accentuate an outfit, try a piece with some texture. Throw on a fuzzy jacket or coat, or accessorize with a little bit of fluff, like Sunmi’s shoes (left):

If you’re feeling adventurous, try some brightly colored fur! Bonus points if you can pull off a coat like E’Dawn’s:


Concept: giant fluffy grape.

4. Pointed-toe boots

The right pair of shoes can add a lot to an outfit, and this season you’ll want yours to be looking sharp. Add some attitude to your fall look by donning a pair of pointed-toe boots!

Pointed toes give YoonA, HyunA, and Jennie some subtle edge.

5. Ultra-long sleeves

This trend has been building momentum for a while, and you might recognize it from the style of BTS’s “Spring Day” and SEVENTEEN’s “Don’t Wanna Cry”:

But it looks like long sleeves are here to stay, and there are plenty more in sight as we head into fall! Oxfords, sweaters, and blouses with oversized sleeves are perfect for the colder weather to come.

NCT’s Mark (left) and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung (right) sport long-sleeved blouses, while NU’EST’s Ren (center) opts for a sweater.

6. Plaid

This trend is more on the adventurous side, but plaid comes in so many fun colors and patterns that you’re sure to find something you love! From Amber’s subtly-checked pants (bottom right) to the vibrant blue of Lee Chan Hyuk’s suit (top left), there’s a huge range of plaid styles for you to try.

If all-out plaid is too busy for your taste, go for some subtler hints, like Chanyeol at Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2017 show at London Fashion Week:

Looking dapper! #CHANYEOL on the red carpet at #TOMMYNOW #LFW

— Tommy Hilfiger (@TommyHilfiger) September 19, 2017

Chanyeol stole the show with a plaid flannel shirt peeking out from under his jacket.

7. Neckerchiefs and skinny ties

Instead of jewelry, try adorning your neck with a skinny tie, scarf, or neckerchief this fall. There are lots of ways to wear these pieces, which can add a dressy element to an ordinary outfit.

GOT7’s Jackson (left) and BTOB’s Ilhoon (right) show off different ways to sport a skinny tie, while Girl’s Day’s Hyeri (center) sweetens up her look with a neckerchief.

8. Velvet

More understated than fur but still just as soft to the touch, velvety clothes are a go-to this season. You’re sure to feel (and look!) like royalty in these luxe fabrics.

Kang Daniel (left) and Song Joong Ki (center) give off masculine vibes in their velvet suits, and Lay (right) reclines in an elegant velvet robe.

9. Long coats

Of course, you can never go wrong with the classic long coat. This timeless fall staple is always in style, and it’s easy to see why: these pieces have the power to dress up any outfit with a clean, sophisticated finish.

Jun Ji Hyun, Song Joong Ki, Jessica, and Gong Yoo are all class in their long fall coats.

10. Comfort!

Most importantly, remember to rock whatever makes you comfortable — it’s the key to looking and feeling your best no matter what you wear!


Even a fashionista like V knows to prioritize comfort!

Hey Soompiers, which fall fashion trends will you be rocking this season? Let us know in the comments!

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