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Here?s How K-Pop Has Changed Over The Past 10 Years

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While the signature style that is typically found in K-Pop music videos and songs is still present, K-Pop definitely continues to transform with fresh new styles of music and presentation.

Here’s a look at how some of K-Pop’s biggest names exemplify the journey between the old style and the new style of K-Pop.

SHINeeSHINee definitely had the signature K-Pop sound that everyone knows and loves.

Their style, however, evolved with the rest of K-Pop and is now much more modern, along with current music trends.

BIGBANGBIGBANG has been around for so many years that they definitely are a perfect example of how K-Pop has changed.

In just 5 years, BIGBANG’s sound has changed so much.

Girls’ GenerationGirls’ Generation may still be the same girly group that they were when they debuted, but their sound has evolved aswell and they’ve experimental with all kinds of modern genres.

TVXQTVXQ are undeniably a group that crafted the origin sounds of K-Pop, so their style never get old no matter how many years have passed.

SEVENTEENSEVENTEEN’s brings a unique fresh spin on tradition boyband pop music.

NCTNCT’s sound is progressive and fresh, combining multiple modern genres and producers from around the world to bring you a whole new sound.

BTSBTS pioneered a whole new style in K-Pop, with a powerful unique genre that quickly grew popular, and helped forge the modern era of K-Pop that we know now.

BLACKPINKBLACKPINK have been called the modern version of 2NE1, because many similarities can be heard in their styles of music and styles of singing, but they’re also on top of trends and have a refreshing and new wave sound that’s unique to themselves.

In the end, it seems that K-Pop’s signature sound has evolved from its roots in the sounds of 90s pop culture to embrace a wider array of influences that make it the K-Pop we all know and love today.


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